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Pickup Truck racks coming t like at Calrack

Most CalRack Truck Racks are Customer Pickup Only

  • Purchase Custom Ladder Racks direct from the manufacturer at much lower outlet prices!
  • Custom Ladder Racks are Available at our Madera, California plant, near Fresno, in central California.
  • Simply Order Your Rack, Drive In, and Leave with a New Custom Rack!
  • You save money by picking up your own custom ladder rack. We do NOT deliver or ship racks other than the Stealth Rack and the Vanzin Rack. The Stealth Rack and the Woody Rack can be shipped throughout the western states and the Vanzin Rack can be shipped throughout the U.S. Call for freight costs.

Atlas Truck Rack

Atlas Rack

The Atlas Rack is one of the strongest pickup truck racks on the market and will carry up to 2,000 lbs. of distributed load.

From Only $1795 (shippable)

Atlas Truck Rack  
Wildcatter Truck rack

Wildcatter Rack

The Wildcatter is another of our forklift-accessible truck racks designed to meet the demands of Industry and Construction

From Only $1995 (shippable)
Wildcatter Truck Rack  
Atlas                  Truck Rack

Buddy Rack

The Buddy heavy duty truck rack will carry up to 1,600 lbs. of distributed load and has a completely removable rear stanchion.

From Only $1495
BuddyTruck Rack  
Ladder Racks

Class 250 Heavy Duty, Overhead Rack

Standard California design for contractor use.

From Only $599.00


Vanzin Rack (available to ship throughout the continental U.S.; this rack is for FULL-SIZE trucks only)

With its attractive Tubular Truss design, this Full-Duty Rack can handle everyday heavy duty loads with ease.

........ plus Shipping.         Please call 1-888-877-2257 for up to 50% off.  

Stealth Truck Rack

Stealth Rack

This is a strong but low-profile rack that was inspired by our nation's stealth aircraft, and is designed to glide in below low overhead clearance such as garage doors and parking garage entrances.

From Only $699.00

Ladder Racks

Forklift Accessible Rack

Heavy duty rack designed so it can be easily loaded and unloaded with a forklift.

From Only $699.00

Ladder Racks

Camper Shell Rack

Designed to fit around camper shells.

From Only $599.00


Super Clamps

A powerful new clamping system that mounts racks without having to drill holes in your truck.

From Only $109.95


QUESTION: Why do people drive from as far away as Minnesota to pick up their custom racks from CalRack?


Because it's a CalRack!

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CalRack is a Heavy Duty Custom, non shippable Ladder Rack.

Click Here if You Need a shippable, Lighter Weight Truck Rack.

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Ladder Racks for Pickup Trucks
A wide range of multipurpose, custom truck racks designed for most pickup trucks. Our custom truck racks carry ladders, kayaks, canoes, motorcycles and more.
Shipping is NOT available from Custom racks require you to pick them up at our factory. Installation is available.