The back of this Dodge Dakota is being lifted off the ground by raising the rack with a forklift.

SUPER CLAMPS alone attach this rack to this pickup truck.There is no drilling involved.

Calrack - Superclamps

Click Here for the Super Clamps Installation Instructions, provided in PDF Format

The incredible new SUPER CLAMPS securely attach racks to pickup trucks with NO Drilling!

Super Clamps


  • STRENGTH – Super Clamps are good at what they do - tenaciously attach any truck rack with a full length angular base rail to trucks with conventional bedrails. 
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Super Clamps are normally deployed in a set of four, two on each bedrail.  They fit over 90% of the trucks on the road today and  will work with the smallest to the largest pickups as long as they have conventional metal bedrails with a lip on the inside.
  • INSTALLATION – Each Super Clamp can be installed in less than a minute with easy-to-use instructions and a special wrench included in the kit.   This saves time for the end user and professional installer alike.
  • DISMOUNTING – Super Clamps can be quickly removed with the included wrench.  Optional high security fasteners are available for $10 if you are concerned about theft.
  • PRESERVING YOUR TRUCK’s VALUE – Using SUPER CLAMPS not only saves time, but it preserves the re-sale value of the truck.  This is especially important for expensive and leased trucks.
  • SHIPPING – Clamps are sold in sets of 4 and 2, and ship by UPS ground.  Each clamp weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • SUPER CLAMPS Model Number: 2006-2. For rack expected to carry over 1000 lbs., 3 clamps on each side are required

Super Clamps aren't called Super for nothing!

How Your Rack Saved 6 Lives...

"It was May 28, 2007 when me and my family of 6 were coming back from a church fishing trip at Hume lake. We got to the town of Dunlap when I decided to pass. I pulled out and proceeded to pass when a lady I was passing decided to make a left turn with no warning at all. There was no where to go; if I pulled more to the left I would fly off the mountain at 2000 feet, so I impacted with the other truck, but we still flew off the mountain and rolled 3 to 4 times. I honestly believe that if it was not for the grace of GOD and the rack that I purchased from U.S. RACK that was held on with Super Clamps the cab of my truck would have been crushed and me and my family would be dead!!!!!! "

                                                                                                Many Thanks, 
                                                                                                Stephen Crane
                                                                                                Clovis, California

NO DRILLING OPTION – Although the base rails of a rack can be bolted through the bedrails of the truck, they can also easily accept the U.S. Rack Super Clamps, a low profile but heavy duty clamping system. This set of four clamps is available for only $109.95…a wise investment to avoid drilling and preserve the resale value of your truck

Add four Super Clamps for Only $109.95...

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